Apparel Division

Meeting the demands of the marketplace in an ever-changing and fast-paced business environment.

E.Star established in 1999, as a Toronto-based textile importer, owned and operated fabric mills in China. Gradually the company evolved into a fully-integrated and vertical garment manufacturer. Presented with an opportunity to further expand the company’s horizons, and fill a void for Made in Canada product, it was decided to launch an on-site factory that began as a small venture and continues to grow and expand with each passing year.

Designing clothes

Working on garment development, design and innovation is a passion that we share with our clients. Down to the last detail, we make sure we ‘get it right’!

Production in Canada & Overseas

Manufacturing in Canada as well as overseas, we offer our clients a unique business model that can be leveraged to great advantage.

Shipping and Distribution

Our large-capacity, Markham-based warehouse facility is available to provide service and support for all of your logistics needs.


Our brands

Established in Toronto, in the year 2000, Midland Clothing was created as the Team Sport and Apparel division of E.Star. As business and demand has increased over the years, we have distinguished ourselves as an important resource for affordable, high quality men’s, ladies and youth sized Athleticwear. Our design team is committed to staying ahead of the curve by ensuring that we offer the latest style and fabric innovations that best represent where fashion meets function. Understanding the unique needs of our clients, the Midland Clothing sales and service team is dedicated to providing the right product at the right time. In 2017, Midland Clothing was rebranded to MGU, My Gear and Uniform, and a special fully custom sublimation team sports jersey line was introduced. This line is designed, printed and sewn here in Canada.

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Lovers. Now’s time to drink in the present moment and remember: it’s always the present moment. Whether it’s good morning, good night, or that in-between time we call brunch, it’s probably a good time to not rush. Because this moment is for you. So slow down. Fill your cup and drink in the Pause. Peruse slowly. Breathe slowly. Pause often.

That’s why we design sleep and lounge styles that make you feel your best, both in and out of bed. We consider the way fabrics feel. We appreciate how colours and patterns can soothe the soul. We designed our products to be stylish, comfortable and just right for getting in touch with what matters most—like the feeling you get lingering over the perfect cup of coffee while the rest of the world simply melts away.

Lattelove. Give. Pause.

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